Optometry Diagnosis

‘What do you think?’ my ex-husband Paul whispered to me as we stood at the back of the classroom, arms folded and watching our son. […]

A Silent Journey

Lorcan stepped onto the gunwale and stared across the ocean. It was brighter tonight than it had been most nights this cycle, the sky strained […]

Solar Panel Experiment

I squinted up at the solar panels on my roof. They looked like regular, unassuming solar panels. They functioned correctly, as evidenced by the two […]

Glass Company Name

What was the name of the glass balustrade company operating out of Melbourne, Australia? My employee, who I begrudgingly had to let rejoin my business […]

The Ute Ambush

‘Here she comes!’ I shot into my walkie-talkie, as the roar of the oncoming ute got closer and closer. I silently swore that I hadn’t […]

Ute Story Drive

“So, what’s our plan?” Cole asked, about halfway through the drive to Carnegie. “Sneak in and find them, then sneak out? Go in and cause […]

Admiring The Design

There’s nothing I find more relaxing on a Friday evening than sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. As an interior designer by trade, I spend […]

Visiting the Land

About a week after my original boat paint had chipped off completely, I decided to visit a fishing boat decal company. Unfortunately, this meant stepping […]