I recently moved into a new apartment. While it’s in a perfect location and looks beautiful, there is one thing that is proving to be a bit of an issue. The heat. People tell you that a north-facing apartment is something desirable. What they fail to tell you is that it turns your apartment into a sweatbox. Sure, I get beautiful sun most of the time, but I also find myself sweltering throughout the day. 

Unfortunately, the apartment only came with one split system air conditioner. I remember speaking to the real estate agent about it and them telling me that the air from the split system will easily reach the rest of the apartment. I am now seeing that this was simply some sales talk. The air conditioner does not cool down the rest of the apartment like they promised. To top it off, they also forgot to mention how loud the current air conditioning unit is! Now I need to arrange an air conditioning installation. Cheltenham is near the beach, so I have been making regular trips to the beach when I feel like I’m overheating. Unfortunately this is not something that I can rely on in the long term. The weather is getting increasingly hot, and the nights are becoming warmer with every passing day.

I’m looking forward to having my new air conditioning system installed. My apartment will become so much more refreshing. Plus, I won’t need to spend my day with blackout blinds pulled over the windows. While the blinds have done wonders for minimising the heat, they’ve also made the apartment quite dismal. I’ve decided to get the best Bayside based air conditioning contractors to install my new air conditioning unit. I’m keen to be able to enjoy cool air, and sit with the blinds wide open. 

Does anyone else find that apartments tend to stinge out on their fittings? I don’t think I’ve ever moved into an apartment and not needed to get an over top, an air conditioner, a toilet, or some other fitting replaced.