Canberra Cold Snap

‘Is anybody–else absolutely fr–fre–eezing?’ I asked, wrapping the blanket around my shivering frame. ‘Of course, we are,’ my wife snapped, from somewhere under a pile […]

Road Genie Mechanic

I slumped against my steering wheel as the engine finally gave out, slowly letting it slide to an ungraceful stop on the side of the […]

Tattoos for Elites

Gideon was not a member of the elite, even after all these years in the underground society of New Melbourne. Five years after the Collapse, […]

The Marine Aftermath

‘Bring her in!’ I called out to the coast guard that eventually came to our rescue, gesturing for them to hook onto the bow of […]

Sick Car Tricks

‘Woah!’ Trevor cackled, as Noah flipped over the half-pipe, the wood of the skateboard clattering against the metal bar. ‘Sick dive, brah!’ ‘Thanks, brah!’ Noah […]

In the Library

Today I spent some time at the library with my friend while we were waiting for our bus. I didn’t have any work to do, […]

Optometry Diagnosis

‘What do you think?’ my ex-husband Paul whispered to me as we stood at the back of the classroom, arms folded and watching our son. […]

A Silent Journey

Lorcan stepped onto the gunwale and stared across the ocean. It was brighter tonight than it had been most nights this cycle, the sky strained […]