Greetings. I go by Ralph, a rat engineer dwelling within Queensland’s subterranean realm. In contrast to the confined networks of smaller states, our sewer expanse sprawls across regions, stretching from the pinnacle of Australia down to the heart of our state. However, our rat-paced traversal, while rapid, remains bound by our diminutive stature. This constraint fuels my innovative resolve: enter the rat car.

It strikes me as incredulous that a vehicular marvel tailored to rats has yet to grace existence. Liberated from the rigours of human safety regulations, rat-friendly car construction, coupled with procuring an affordable roadworthy certificate, appears a straightforward venture. Numerous rats yearn for a taste of vehicular freedom, their gazes often fixated on bipedal beings ensconced within gleaming automobiles. Should I materialise a functional rat car, I would ascend to their pantheon as the epitome of trustworthiness and proficiency. Perhaps, they might even bestow upon me the coveted title of rat king.

This blueprint unfolds: I shall blueprint a car design, securing its patent. To initiate this endeavour, I must first locate an auto electrician situated in Underwood, a suburb that boasts an abundant trove of human scrap metal, primed for subterranean repurposing. The challenge lies in clandestinely transporting this bounty beneath the surface, but I remain convinced that orchestrating a PunchStarter campaign and enlisting rat patrons will yield the requisite funds to enlist avian and possum allies, orchestrating covert operations under the shroud of night. While the electrician offers sagacious guidance, my blueprints shall remain shrouded in secrecy, safeguarding my visionary concept. I am poised to reap substantial financial rewards, and no element shall imperil this pursuit.

Envision the world where rat-engineered automobiles whisk through the tunnels, revolutionising rat travel. It is a daring feat, but one that I am resolute to bring to fruition, cementing my legacy as the architect of a rodent revolution. The future gleams with potential, and as I scurry through these subterranean passages, I am propelled by the promise of a rat-driven renaissance, one wheel turn at a time.