Me cCafe

Enjoy a culinary experience like you never have before. At Me cCafe, we have innovated the cafe experience in such a way that empowers our customers to eat what they like, when they like.

Me cCafe gives customers complete freedom of choice, meaning that every element of the meal they sit down to is customised by them and made by our top-class chefs. We have cultivated the fine-dining experience by allowing our customers to select everything from the herbs we use to create the delicious base flavours to the sauces that add the final touches to the divine dish.

Our team of culinary chefs is equipped with the skills to make any dish from scratch, allowing our customers to experience an array of flavours and a number of dishes that aren’t possible in traditional cafes. 

The Complete Culinary Experience

Once you arrive at our gorgeously-decorated cafe, you will be greeted by a friendly waiter. They will sit you down and pass you our ingredients menu (listed on the Ingredients page) and ask for your drink order.  

Every one of our customers will then be given the time to read through our ingredients list and write down the dish of their choice. We have examples of previous dishes we’ve made available for anyone who requires inspiration, but for those who don’t, they are free to come up with whatever sweet, savoury or combination dish their heart desires.

The talented chefs at Me cCafe will then take a few moments to carefully consider and understand your culinary request. They will work together to bring your desired dish to life, ensuring that every flavour is accurately represented and shines within the dish. 

Our proud team will then present you with your dish and give you the time to enjoy every bit of it. We look forward to speaking with you after you’ve finished, to learn about the thoughts you have on your own, personalised meal.

Please note: All dishes cost a flat rate of $30 to ensure we can produce quality dishes every time.