In my recent quest for investment properties near the coastline, fate led me to a vivacious realtor named John, who took it upon himself to guide me through this seaside realm. With his distinctive handlebar moustache and an air of unshakable confidence, he boasted a knowledge of the locale that he likened to an intimacy with the shells that had graced the shoreline over millennia. As we ventured through the various chambers of a particular apartment, our journey brought us to the lower level, where John beamed with pride as he unveiled a recent bathroom renovation.

A costly venture, he admitted, but one that bore witness to an investment well made. The bathroom before me unfolded like a dream, a symphony of light and open space that effortlessly captured the carefree spirit synonymous with coastal living. The soft hues of blues and beiges converged in a tranquil palette, mirroring the serenity of the nearby ocean. With fervour, John pointed out the meticulously arranged tiles and the pristine grout, lauding the expertise of the mastermind behind this exquisite transformation. I nodded in agreement, though in truth, grout had never held much fascination for me.

However, in my burgeoning role as a prospective landlord, I was learning the art of noticing these subtleties, though the allure of the lounge room’s panoramic ocean views continued to captivate my mind. The apartment’s grandeur was exemplified by expansive glass doors that seamlessly transitioned into an outdoor haven. A fireplace beckoned, and a sprawling balcony held the promise of hosting grand gatherings. In my mind’s eye, I envisioned convivial soirées with friends and family, basking in the hues of the sunset while a gentle ocean breeze caressed our faces. The apartment bore the hallmark of extensive upgrades, with its allure extending far beyond the confines of the bathroom design. Melbourne homeseekers would undoubtedly vie for a stake in this luxurious dwelling. As John waxed eloquently about the merits of the apartment’s meticulously curated bathroom design, my admiration swelled for the labour of love that had painstakingly shaped this inviting oasis. It was an elegant fusion of aesthetics and utility, harmonising coastal influences with contemporary comforts. I could easily picture myself indulging in a leisurely soak within the confines of the tub, a welcome respite following a day of sun-drenched escapades on the nearby beach.