Do you ever get told that something will get done, only for it to never actually happen? I do. All the time. I come up with fantastic ideas at work, almost every day, for that matter. And it falls on deaf ears. It’s so annoying because my boss always says that she’ll put my idea to senior management and forward my questions to someone else who can answer them. But then I hear nothing and nothing changes. It’s super frustrating.

One of the most annoying things is that we could really do with some new office design. I’ve heard of some really good commercial architects for Bayside buildings and have passed my recommendations on to my boss. I was hoping that by doing the hard work for her, we’d be able to get the ball rolling and actually make the changes to the office building that we so desperately need. So far, absolutely nothing has changed despite my best efforts and I’m starting to feel like it never will. Maybe, just maybe, I should start looking for another job. 

I don’t really like change in my personal life. I thrive on changing things for the better in my work life, although it’s definitely not going to plan that way. I guess I can’t control everything in my life, even if I so badly want to.

Maybe I need to find out more information about the architects to get my boss to listen to me. If she asks me “how much does an architect cost?”, I’m going to have to be prepared with an answer. Maybe if I am, rather than just giving her a list (a very comprehensive and well-researched list), I’ll have better luck getting my boss to approve an architect and then I won’t have to find a new job. That would save me a lot of unnecessary stress.

Anyway, the work day is over. It’s time to log off!