My laundry room is such a mess! My kids are always leaving their dirty, unwashed clothes all over the tiles on the floor. Our dog knocked over the bucket of pegs, and they spilled everywhere. My toddler even managed to break into the box where I keep the washing powder and spread it around like sand at the beach. Well, we are not at the beach!

I am cursing the name of those laundry designers who designed this laundry a decade ago. They said they had completed hundreds of laundries and knew what a growing family needed. Well, they definitely do not know! This laundry is not at all family-friendly. I literally dread walking into it to wash my clothes every day. There is no storage room, and there is barely enough space to open up the ironing board. What is the point of a laundry room if it can’t complete the basic tasks that are integral to its purpose? I might as well just keep my clothes unwashed and un-ironed, and go to work every day looking disgusting.

My husband says we should hire one of those laundry renovations companies Melbourne seems to have a lot of. They are much better nowadays and have all the tools and technology needed to complete a brilliant, modern, and extremely functional laundry room. I think I might have to agree with him. Hiring an expert to design and execute the renovations seems like the logical option. And I know there are a lot of affordable and talented companies around nowadays. Now that I think about it, working with a professional designer seems like it would be a dream. I just get to describe what I want and my vision, and then it all gets magically completed with proper architectural plans and real, good quality materials. It would be much better than anything my husband or I could do ourselves.