Conveyancing work tended to make Rylee quite sleepy. After hours of completing old documents, her eyes began to grow heavy. She fought it for a while, the pile of papers slowly getting smaller. It wasn’t long, though, before her head fell on the table and she began to doze off.

Suddenly she was in another place – in another time, even. In fact, she was in a place that she was certain had never existed. A possibility, perhaps. In it, she stood with Maphira and Vai around a barbeque.

“How is the conveyancing and settlement business treating you, sister?” Maphira asked. “Not as exciting as being a vigilante, I imagine.”

“I’m thinking about doing something different, actually,” Rylee said. “It can be a bit dull at times. I do miss the excitement my old job used to bring. And now that the Conclave is gone, it’s relatively safe to do it again. Do you miss it? The police work?”

Maphira shook her head. “No, I think settling down was right for me.” She placed a hand on Vai’s shoulder. “I work my own hours, and at the end of the day, I get to come home and hang out with my bestie. So, what about that conveyancing firm based in Carlton you were thinking of opening?”

Rylee shrugged. “We’ll see. I have to give the whole thing some thought, really. I don’t know exactly what I want next. Maybe I’ll do some travelling. See the world, you know?”

“I hear Italy is good this time of year,” offered Vai, who was busy cooking the barbecue meat. “Maybe you could go there.”

“Not a bad idea,” Rylee said. “I’ll look into it.”

Even though Rylee knew this was a dream, she couldn’t help but feel warm at the possibility it presented. Distantly, in the back of her mind, she hoped that Maphira and Vai had succeeded in defeating the Conclave without her. If they didn’t, this future would never be a reality at all.