‘I’ll get it, I guess,’ I said to nobody in particular, as the doorbell rang again. ‘I’m coming!’

I arrived at the end of the hall and took a deep breath, composing myself before I opened the door.

‘Hi, how can I—oh god, not you again,’ I groaned at the skinny teenager standing on my step.

‘Miss Lin, let me just tell you my new idea—’ he started, reaching out to me.

‘No, Sunny!’ I shook my head, stepping away from the door. ‘I’m busy! Come back tomorrow if you want me to invest in one of your get-rich-quick schemes!’

‘It’s not a scheme!’ he insisted excitedly. He was about to step into the house, but his eyes quickly darted around the hallway. ‘Is Mr. Lin here?’

‘Down the hall,’ I said with a dry smile. ‘So I’d hurry up, before he wonders why dinner is taking so long and decides to come and investigate.’

‘Two words, then,’ Sunny said with a characteristic grin. ‘Waterproofing. A. Shower.

‘There’s a decent chance that’s four words,’ I scowled at him. ‘Also ­– what?’

‘It’s my new business!’ he exclaimed, then quietened down with a furtive glance down the hallway. ‘It’s my new business… shower sealants!’

‘Sunny, that’s far too specific to be your idea,’ I rolled my eyes. ‘Is this some kind of pyramid scheme?’

‘The brochure said no,’ he frowned. ‘Anyway, if that isn’t your jam—’

‘It most certainly is not.’

‘Then I have a hookup to some of the best bathroom designers around Melbourne for home renovations,’ he nodded. ‘Whatever you need – tiles, grout, plumbing fixtures, I can get it for you!’

‘Sweet as that is,’ I sighed, ‘we just had our bathroom redone. So thanks, but no thanks. Also, go away.’

‘Alright, alright,’ he laughed, throwing his hands up in surrender. ‘You win, Miss Lin. But you hit me up if you need anything!’

‘Sure, Sunny,’ I couldn’t help but smile.

‘Something sure does smell delicious, hun,’ my husband’s voice echoed through the hallway. ‘What’s on the… Sunny?!’

‘Uh-oh,’ Sunny whispered. ‘Gotta run.’