I’m jumping up and down in the office right now. I’m filled with energy, as I always am on a Monday after a particularly fun weekend and I just want to scream about my happiness from the rooftop. Instead, I’m hopping and skipping my way around the room. The way I’m doing it hopefully looks inconspicuous because my boss won’t be too happy with me if I look overly excited about anything. I need to keep my bottom on my seat, or so I’ve heard many times before. 

Why am I so excited? You may be wondering, or, you may not. I’m not really sure. I don’t know who reads my blog. I’m so excited because I’ve found the best conveyancing company for Richmond properties to work with. That means that I’ll be able to have all my paperwork (or most of it, at least) handled by the conveyancer who literally specialises in Richmond homes (which is where I want to buy). That would make me such an ideal purchaser for someone looking to sell, because they’ll feel confident knowing that I won’t mess up the paperwork and therefore make the sale fall through. It also gives me the confidence for the same thing! If I’m purchasing a property that I love, I don’t want the sale to fall through and then I don’t get to buy it. That would be a disaster.

Anyway, I’m so happy! I also spoke with a conveyancing expert specialising in Prahran homes from the same company when I was weighing up buying in Prahran or Richmond. The conveyancer for Prahran properties was also really good. I would have felt extremely confident working with her too, but I decided that Richmond’s close proximity to sports stadiums was what I found to be more important. Maybe for my third investment property, I’ll purchase in Prahran. Who knows? The world is my oyster and I am so happy!