Will I ever be a normal car driver/person? I’m not sure. I’ve never really been normal and I’ve always been the type of person to fear things that really shouldn’t be feared. I’m an overthinker, you see. If I can worry about something then I will worry about it. If I have nothing to worry about, then I find something to worry about. There’s seriously never a time when my mind is clear and stress-free. It sucks.

Now that you know this about me, I’m sure you’re not surprised that I get quite worried when I’m driving. Everything stresses me out. If I see a car come a little too forward from a side street – I stress. If the lights have been green for too long and I’m coming up to them – I stress. If I get an unexpected (or even expected) call from my mechanic who services the Caulfield area when my car is in for a service – I stress. The mechanic would literally just be calling to tell me that my car is ready to be picked up and I’ll still have a wave of uncontrollable anxiety wash over me.

It’s definitely not healthy for me to react this way to almost everything and at times it could actually be considered dangerous when I drive because I’m so on edge all the time. Truly, I dread everything to do with cars. You should have seen how I reacted when I was told that my vehicle would need to get car repairs. Malvern mechanics really are the best in the business, which is why I go to them. I need to get the best service from the best mechanics because otherwise, I’ll just panic that the work wasn’t done right and stress over that for months and months on end.

I think I might do some breathing exercises the next time I get in the car. I clearly need it.