I’m feeling very sluggish. I have three minutes until the end of the day and I haven’t finished all my work yet. I know that I need to stay back so that I can get it all finished but I don’t have the motivation to do so. That’s what I mean by sluggish. I have all these responsibilities and I know I need to do them, but my eyes feel heavy and my head aches. It’s not easy working 9-5 every day. In fact, it takes its toll. 

Okay, it’s a new day. As soon as 5:00pm hit I shut my computer and went for a walk. I walked until I couldn’t walk any longer. I walked until my mind was clear and I could go home feeling relaxed, ready to spend my evening in a way that suits me. The reason it’s so important for me to be in a good frame of mind this morning is that I’m sitting down with a leading kitchen renovations company in Melbourne to discuss my new kitchen. My husband and I just bought a house and he’s (kindly but unkindly) left it up to me to design our house. Now, if I was in a better frame of mind then this would be awesome, but alas, I’ve been struggling big time and the extra work is taking its toll. I can’t tell him that though because I don’t want to worry him. He would be so upset knowing that I’m not okay.

But anyway, this post is taking a negative turn which I don’t want. I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning and I am determined to have a good day and not let my personal issues get me down. I can forget about them for one day, talk to the industry-leading kitchen designers and present my husband with incredible plans for our kitchen. I can do this – I will do this!