All my life I’ve been interested in technology. I’m seventeen years old and can’t remember a time where I wasn’t fascinated by screens, tablets, memory, internet, cables and just how the technological world works. I’ve been looking into career paths for after high school and I know for a fact that I want to work with technology in some capacity. There are so many jobs in the technology field these days that I’m pretty spoiled for choice. I could be a software engineer, a website developer, a data cabling technician – you name it. 

I would love to talk to people who work in the technology field about their job and whether or not they like it. I want to know what career opportunities are available and which pathways I need to take to work in their profession. I assume I would need to go to university to be a software engineer but do I need to go to university to be a data cabling technician or am I better off going to TAFE or a trade school? There is a lot that I need to know.

At the moment I’m not leaning towards one profession over the other. I don’t know enough about any of them to be able to make a decision yet and luckily I don’t have to make a decision for another four months or so. The profession I want to go into will help me choose which subjects I want to study in my final year of school, so I just need to make a decision before subject selection. 

I will admit though, I do like the sound of doing data cabling repair services for Melbourne homes day in and day out. I like people so sitting behind a computer screen every day might get a bit boring for me. If anyone knows someone who works in data cabling please let me know because I’d like to talk to them.