Some squirrels have been visiting my backyard recently. I’m not sure how many of them there are, as they tend to roam around in groups and those groups appear at different times, but I can tell by the markings on their fur that there are probably at least six of them. I like to leave food out for them sometimes – not so often that they become dependent on it, but just enough that they keep coming back to my yard.

I really enjoy listening out for their rustling and scraping on my deck each night and then looking out my window to see them scurrying around and having fun. I really want to go to this hardware store Cheltenham residents visit tomorrow morning and figure out how to build some sort of treehouse for the squirrels. I think they would enjoy it. They would get to climb the tree to reach the food I leave out for them, and they would also have a place to shelter from the wind and rain. I’m going to have to pick up materials such as wood, nails, hot glue, and paint, as well as tools such as a saw, a massive ruler and a screwdriver.

I am really hoping that the store I want to go to also has timber supplies. Cheltenham stores can be a little bit difficult to estimate in terms of what is in stock, so you never know until you actually turn up what’s going to be there. I’ve been researching how to build this treehouse and exactly what type of supplies I’m going to need, and for someone like myself who has never tried to build something before, it seems like it’s going to be pretty simple. Almost just a matter of putting the parts together with nails. Of course, that comes after I actually cut the wood up. Who knows – I might even tint it!