My football team just won the grand final. I am beyond belief. They haven’t won a grand final in over eighty years and until today, I was almost certain that I’d never see them win one. I thought I was going to be one of those die-hard fans that died before their team won a grand final. I thought I was destined for that because my team hadn’t experienced any sort of official success in my time as a supporter. I’ve been a supporter since I was born and now, after twenty-six years of life, I’ve finally seen them reach the highest success. I am in disbelief. Someone pinch me!

To celebrate, the boys and I are going to get matching tattoos of our football team’s logo and 2022 – the year they won the premiership. We’ve found a traditional tattooist specialising in logos to go to and we’re all booked in for Monday. We’re going to have some very sore heads in two days’ time, but God, it’s going to be worth it. 

After a weekend of partying, we’re heading into our appointments now. We’re all getting matching tattoos, as I said before and we’re going to send pictures of the final result to our football club and hope that the social media team posts it on their account. We’d love for the players to see just how dedicated we are to the football club and how stoked we are about the win. Like, in twenty years, these tattoos aren’t going to need a cover up. Tattoos designed in Brisbane that are at a calibre like these ones are the type of tattoos you keep for life.

There’s no doubt that I’ll be celebrating this win for the rest of my life. I’ve asked the tattoo artist to put this tattoo on the furthest left side possible, so that if (hopefully when) we happen to win another premiership, I can get that tattooed on me too.