Running a company is honestly a lot harder than you’d think. I only have three personal assistants, which makes my job an almost constant stream of stress and emails. While we have a marketing team, I am the person who ultimately oversees all of the decision making related to our marketing efforts. I was recently flooded with several dozen emails from my marketing team, who are all proposing we hire a video production company that creates advertisements for businesses. Melbourne has a number of these, and the marketing team have apparently made my job a little bit easier by narrowing down the list. Still, we have three to choose from.

The first is a small startup with a small team, which means they’ll be great with contact since we’ll be their biggest client. Their team is talented, but I ended up not choosing them because they don’t have a very good portfolio. The second company is one of the biggest production companies in Australia and has done a lot of work for television, including winning multiple awards. However, they are not very affordable, and though we have a large marketing budget, most of it is being eaten up by other projects at the moment.

The third company is a mid-sized marketing video production company. They fit our budget, they have a good mix of small and larger clients, and they actually have experience creating videos that are very similar to the ones I want made for my company. When I spoke with them on a video call alongside my marketing manager, they were very professional and seemed to be very competent. I enjoy it when other people are confident in their own abilities, as it makes me feel their passion and get excited about the project myself. The marketing team is looking forward to getting this project off the ground, and I think it could really help our business. I just hope it gets all the hype and attention we think it deserves.