There’s nothing I find more relaxing on a Friday evening than sitting at home doing absolutely nothing. As an interior designer by trade, I spend a significant amount of time in other people’s homes. I spend months making intricate design decisions for my clients, from the smallest touches right up to the classic nursery wallpaper that will decorate their future child’s room. Obviously, these are very big decisions to make and therefore I spend a lot of time during the week stressing about them. I am designing the interior of people’s greatest assets. It will either be where they make all their money after reselling the property or where they spend all their time as it is their home. People rely on me to make the right choice, which is why on a Friday night I like to go home and completely clear my mind. I just enjoy snuggling up on the couch in the house that I designed completely for myself, reading a good book and listening to the rain trickle on my roof and down my windows. As soon as I’m home at 6:00pm on a Friday, work is put to the side and I make sure to enjoy some well earned me-time.

As I sit on my couch this evening, I’m taking a moment to appreciate how tastefully designed my home is. I’m particularly fond of the native Australian botanical wallpaper that acts as a feature to my grand fireplace. The whole room has an incredibly Earthy feel because of the wallpaper and wood combination, and it’s the perfect spot to sit back, relax and keep warm. I truly am an incredible designer.

Okay, enough design talk. It’s officially my weekend and design should be the last thing on my mind. The only thing on my mind now is the delicious hot chocolate I’m about to make and enjoy. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.