Well, here I am again folks. I know it’s been a little while since my last blog/updatey-thingy, but I’ve been busy for the first time in years, and it’s been wonderful! My grandkids came down from Melbourne just to see me, and you wouldn’t believe how big they’ve gotten! I’ll post photos when Sarah sends me the ones she took on her phone.

But the reason I’m posting here is the same as before. You may have already heard from me online, but I may as well say it again: I need some small surgery on my silly rotator cuff. I know what you’re shouting at your computer screen, and yes! It is the other shoulder this time!

Luckily I have an amazing surgeon up here who’s been talking me through what I need to know when I head to have my rotator cuff repair surgery near Melbourne. What he’s been telling me and teaching me has made me feel much better – and you know old Mabel gets jittery at the thought of any road trip, not just one that has anaesthesia at the end of it!

(Thank God for spellcheck – anaesthesia, am I right?)

Basically, I got my Great Doctor to tell me everything I need to know about a shoulder arthroscopy procedure, and he’s been giving me all the info. Basically, it’s an alternative to more invasive surgery where they use a keyhole incision to inspect your injured joint, then they repair all the troublesome bone that’s been irritating the tendon. Then they get rid of the scar tissue that’s built up on the poor, damaged tendon, and it’s just a matter of hooking and anchoring the tendon back onto the shoulder. Easy peasy.

(I could never be a surgeon – that does not sound easy peasy!)

At least I’ll get to spend some time with Sarah and the kids when I’m recovering in Melbourne. Heck, even though my recovery is only supposed to last a little while… she doesn’t need to know that!