I find sitting on top of my heater so relaxing. There’s something special about grabbing a fluffy blanket, a couple of pillows and a good book and then sitting on the heater for the rest of the afternoon. It’s such a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon, completely unwinding from the week (and weekend even) and starting to feel regenerated for the week ahead. 

My special alone time on my heater is such an important part of my weekly routine that I do everything in my power to make sure it’s in an optimal condition come Autumn time. I obviously don’t sit on the heater in Summer (Summer’s equivalent to this ritual is sitting in the sun by the pool) but as soon as there is a slight cold breeze, I know it’s time to make an appointment for ducted heating repairs. In the Canberra CBD it’s not uncommon to get ducted heaters serviced yearly, seeing as they do get quite a work out when the colder months roll around.

That’s why I like to get in early. The last thing I would want is for the ducted heating repairs company to be booked out for a couple of days, or God forbid, a couple of months. If I didn’t have my weekly heater ritual it’s very likely that my mental health would suffer as a result. I really rely on that time for myself and that’s why I make sure that I get my annual heater servicing. Canberra technicians consistently do a great job and can be trusted to complete any services and repairs to the highest standard. I would know, having used their services every year for almost a decade.

I’m really looking forward to winter. I love when the weather changes and I yearn for that first day I make the transition from the pool chair to the heater. It is a great feeling every year.