What was the name of the glass balustrade company operating out of Melbourne, Australia? My employee, who I begrudgingly had to let rejoin my business as I never technically fired them, found the name of the best glass company in the world. Under my instruction, they travelled across the globe in search of a glass company that not only satisfied, but exceeded all of my requirements. I sent my employee on this secret mission just to get them out of my hair but alas, after a year of searching they achieved the mission and have now come back with the information that I need. 

So, like I said, can anyone remember the name of the highly regarded glazier operating in Melbourne? It’s funny how I sent my employee on a completely ridiculous mission with absolutely no need to do so and now I actually need the services of a glazier. It’s unfortunate that the glazier is located in Melbourne and my business is in a small part of Europe that I’d rather not disclose. I probably can’t fly out a glazier to come and fix my problem, but maybe I can get delivery on some of their products? I’m not sure. Where is my employee? I need them to give me more information on the services this company provides. Of course my employee is late to work. This is why I sent them on a secret mission in the first place. They’re a bad employee. 

It would be great if they could actually do their job, come into work and talk to me about premium glass balustrades. They’re the only person in my network that understands glass balustrades that well and I like to pick the brains of the people around me that are knowledgeable on things. Normally my employee would not be the first person I’d go to about anything, but in this case, they are.