I’m currently saving for my first home. I’m a working professional in my mid-twenties and it seems like the next step in my journey of life. If only it was an easy step to take. Buying a house as a young person is pretty much impossible unless you get help from your parents and my parents certainly aren’t in a financial position to be able to help me. That’s why I’m doing my absolute best to save as much money as I can and learn everything I can about the property market in Melbourne. 

I’ve started getting in contact with a number of property advocates specialising in Melbourne suburbs to discuss the property market and how it’s trending. I want to have good relationships with people in the industry so that as soon as I’m ready to buy a house I’ll be able to reach out to my industry contacts.

The best thing about making connections with property advocates is that they are the people I need to go to learn more about the suburbs that I would be best suited to. I spoke to an expert property advocate for homes in Malvern who said that based on what I’ve said would be my ideal home and location, Malvern is likely the place. I didn’t really know much about Malvern prior to our conversation, but the property advocate gave me heaps of resources to learn about the suburb so that I could see if it was right for me. And you know what, I actually really do like the look of Malvern! It’s close enough to the city that it’s easy for me to commute but it’s far enough away that I get to enjoy the suburban lifestyle which I’ve grown up with.

I hope that I reach my savings goal sometime soon. I really want to buy a home in Malvern and I want the help of this nice buyer’s advocate.