Would you believe it! I finally made a decision. All that I needed to do was go home to be able to think clearly. Who would have thought that work was stifling my creativity? I’m sure no one has ever said that before…

I’m sure you’re all wondering which roses I decided to buy for my garden. I did spend the last three blog posts talking about which roses I was going to choose, so it’s a fair assumption that you’d think I decided on at least some sort of rose variety in the end. Well, as it turns out, I didn’t. I decided to buy salad vegetable seeds online instead. Talk about thinking outside the square! I just needed to get away from work to realise what I actually needed.

I need to start growing my own produce, which is only possible if I have access to salad vegetable seeds. If I bought roses like I was originally planning to do, then I wouldn’t have enough space in my garden to grow produce. If I lived in a home with a bigger garden, then sure, I would have gotten both. But alas, I bought where and what I could afford, which means making do with what I’ve got. 

Part of me does wish that I could have bought the Brindabella roses too. They’re just so pretty and would look so good in my garden. Maybe when I start saving a lot of money because I’m eating my own produce, I’ll be able to buy a bigger property and plant my own Brindabella roses. I could have a whole side of my garden dedicated to salad vegetables and normal vegetables and then the other side could be a vibrant rose garden that attracts the good kind of bugs that are needed for our ecosystem. Yeah, that’s going to be my five-year goal. I can’t believe how much clarity I’ve got since leaving work.