It’s such a nice day outside. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. The autumn light is hitting the trees in such a beautiful way. The air is ever so slightly chilled but the sun is warming my back to counteract that. It’s simply a pristine day, and I want to capture it on film.

Every so often when a day is just perfect, I like to get my camera out and film its beauty. It’s likely that the world isn’t going to be this perfect for much longer, given the inevitable climate change that we’re facing and so I want to make sure that I have enough videos of the changing of the seasons so that I can show my children and my children’s children for the years to come.

Filming the beauty of today is the exact clip that I need in my compilation. My video compilation doesn’t have a name yet and is nowhere near complete. Once I have enough clips and pieces of film, I want to take them to a company specialising in video production. In the Melbourne CBD, everyone in their late twenties to mid-thirties has a really deep appreciation for the planet. Living in the CBD, I’ve definitely seen a switch to more environmentally conscious issues and decision making in the last ten years, and I’m really happy to be a part of that. That’s why I’m going to seek out a video production company either operating in or near the CBD. For the sake of this blog, I’d define ‘near’ within a 30km radius of the city. 

I am really looking forward to seeing the final compilation video one day. It’s probably a few years off from being complete, but that just makes it even more exciting. I’m only brainstorming here as I don’t know how I’ll want the video to look when it actually comes to it, but also seeking out an established 2D animation company to add some cute little animations would be nice. But as I said, the hero of the video will be the beautiful planet that we live in.