After discovering that the lava challenge was all just a big trick, Maphira found a suspicion growing in the back of her mind. While Vai swam across the lake of orange water – about hot springs temperature, she claimed – Maphira continued to hop across the platforms, sure not to miss an opportunity to play hot lava.

Besides, she wasn’t too keen on getting all soaked in water.

As they headed into the next office, Vai dripping wet, Maphira wondered if she should mention anything about her suspicions to Vai. She was feeling pretty confident about it, though, so perhaps a demonstration would be better.

The next office was an obvious re-creation of the one from the Fox of Door Road, about a guy who makes lots of money on Melbourne’s infamous stock market, located at Door Road. Turrets lined the walls, prepared to fire on Maphira and Vai. At the back of the office stood a giant statue with a traffic light beside it, currently green.

“Well, he’s officially out of ideas,” Vai said. “This one is straight out of Octopus Game.”

It would be a real shame to see this Melbourne office design destroyed, given how much effort had obviously been put into it. Despite her suspicions, Maphira knew Con Dew would not hold back in obliterating the furniture to make his ruse seem real.

“So, we move through the office when the light is green,” Vai said, watching as the traffic light turned amber. “When it’s red, we have to stop, otherwise the turrets will get us.”

“Right,” Maphira said. “Good thing there is plenty of cover with these kinds of commercial fitouts. Melbourne businesses sure love their cubicles.”

They watched the light closely, and when it turned green, started moving through the office. After several seconds, the light switched to amber, and they froze in place. The light then turned red.

Maphira stumbled forward, and the turrets opened fire.