I wonder how similar driving a car is to flying a plane. I imagine a plane would have hundreds more controls, and obviously, there is the added pressure of ensuring you are flying well and keeping the hundreds of passengers safe.

I also think that planes have some sort of stick that acts as the steering mechanism, rather than the wheel that is found in cars. However, I have never stepped foot inside a cockpit so I can’t be completely sure. I like to think I know my way around cars, though. A couple of months ago I booked my scheduled log book service. Lockleys have a number of brilliant mechanics, but I always like to go to the one just over the bridge, as he acknowledges that I also understand cars and is very transparent with the work he does.

In particular, I like that everything he does is backed by a guarantee that only the best parts will be used for replacements, and the work will be within the manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a bit of peace of mind, since you know that a mechanic wouldn’t offer that unless they really know what they’re doing. I predicted that my vehicle would need a car brake service, and once again I was correct. It had been getting harder and harder to press down on the brake, and obviously since it’s one of the most important components of the car it needed to be fixed as soon as possible. It has to do with the friction that comes from the connection between the brake and the tyres, or the wheels, of your car. Sometimes it can get worn out and has to be replaced. It pays to be a bit of a car nerd, since you can understand what the mechanic is saying.

Anyway, back to my original point: I think it would be fun to understand how to fly a plane so that when you’re in one, you can take a guess at what is going on in the cockpit. Just for fun.